Children and young adults showing exceptional musical talent (e.g. music students or recent music graduates), who live in Surrey or have a strong link to Surrey and intend to make a career in music, can apply to the Trust for help in purchasing an instrument or funding tuition, should your financial means be insufficient. The Trust only grants funds for maintenance in exceptional circumstances. The Trust’s grants are confined to young and gifted music students in Surrey who are UK citizens and exclude funding for courses at foreign universities.

How to apply

Your application should be by email, no more than six pages long, and comprise: -
                - your CV
                - testimonials from your teachers or other qualified persons. Testimonials should, wherever possible, be written on the                  
                  referee's headed paper, scanned and sent to us by email
                - your claim to a strong link to Surrey
                - the reason for your application
                - a brief financial summary showing income (student loan, earnings, savings, parental contribution etc) and expenses (course fee, living costs etc).
                - the amount you are requesting from the Trust, and
                - a copy of your passport (for ID purposes only)
if applying for financial help with tuition
                - details of the length and cost of your course
if applying for help in purchasing an instrument
                - written quotes from two or more suppliers for the same instrument. Where you cannot avoid quoting for different instruments (they are second-hand,                   for example), you should indicate a preference and explain.  Links to a website or printouts from a catalogue are not acceptable.


Contact: Kate Perry, Administrator -
Address: HR Taylor Trust, 32 Chipstead Station Parade, Chipstead, Coulsdon, Surrey CR5 3TF