The H R Taylor Charitable Trust's aim is to encourage the performance of live classical music in Surrey and adjacent areas, including new or less well-known works, although each society has to maintain a balance between performing a wide variety of music and offering the public music they are willing to pay to hear.

Your society is expected to be well-managed and, as far as possible, self-supporting. In planning each season's programme a balance will need to be struck between the use of purpose-built [but more expensive] concert halls and alternative venues, such as churches, which are cheaper and often closer to the society's base and potential audience. The Trust appreciates that professional soloists enhance the quality of concerts but add to costs, something the society needs to take into account when planning programmes. Consideration should be given to using young local singers/instrumentalists, giving them an opportunity to promote their careers.

The Trust usually provides support through an annual grant and will review the above factors when considering a society's annual bid. The Trust requires its grants to be shown as a discrete item in your accounts and ring-fenced (not passed to third parties). The Trust's support should be acknowledged in your promotional material and programmes; versions of the Trust's logo are available for this purpose. Calendars of forthcoming performances should be sent by email when available.


Your application should be submitted by email as soon as practicable after the end of your accounting year, in time to be considered at a Trustees’ meeting in April, September or November (see HOW TO APPLY tab for deadlines). It should be in a printer-friendly format (no more than four to six A4 pages, ideally in size 12 font, including any spreadsheets) comprising the following::


a copy of your latest accounts (provisional if not yet audited)


a breakdown of income and expenditure by concert showing venues and totals for the whole season


your budget and programme for the coming season, again shown by concert


a covering note about the society including the four key figures, extracted from your latest accounts, of gross income, gross expenditure, consequent surplus/deficit, and reserves.


the amount you are requesting from the trust


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